Rent a 4x4 or truck in Chile

A 4x4 road-trip in Chile

Chile is a long, narrow strip of land that stretches over 4300 km with an average width of 175 km.
A motorhome holiday in Chile will guarantee you independence, freedom and flexibility.

Chile has a high quality infrastructure and good roads. However, when travelling further away from urban centres, the roads are not always tarred.
But it is worth it, as the multitude of diverse, impressive landscapes make for an unforgettable holiday.

If you decide to explore Argentina, Chile can be a great starting point. The border crossing is easy with no problems. You must simply let us know this intention before you start your trip. Bordered by Bolivia in the northeast, Chile shares Argentina's longest border of 3500 km winding through the mountains. This close proximity allows the opportunity for a real adventure to discover the richness of two beautiful countries.



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