Quality Guarantee

Our Quality Guarantee: A clear list of our commitments

CampingCar-Online/ Ramble Campervans is committed:

  • To offer you the most recent and well maintained motorhomes, campervans, and 4wd’s.
  • To offer you motorhomes, campervans, and 4wd’s around the globe with safety and cleanliness in mind.
  • To offer destinations where the road infrastructure and service stations make road trips easy.
  • To offer you destinations where there is a large selection of campsites, campgrounds and dump stations.
  • To supply you with the precise information for what type of permit/license you will need, and advise on the insurance options available with your rental.
  • To find out the availability of motorhomes in your desired destination within 24 to 48 hours, without you paying a cent. Just contact us by phone or internet to find out.
  • To stick by your side for the duration of your planning and travel, and be available to clarify any confusing points or manage any changes you need to make to your reservation.
  • To ensure that the motorhome that you book is the same one you will find on arrival.
  • To provide you with an invoice containing all of the services bound to your rental.
  • To provide you with the prices of gas and campsites, as well as the latest exchange rate in your destination.
  • To aid you with anything you may need on your trip, choosing your stops, and figuring out the mileage/km options available.
  • To provide you with maps, guidebooks, and fact-sheets before your trip so that you can best prepare.
  • To negotiate any discounts on campsites we can, in your favor.

Campingcar-Online/ Ramble Campervans will not pass along an increase in price due to an unfavorable change in the currency exchange rate. We charge ourselves with handling any variations so you don’t have to.