Terms and Conditions

General Conditions of Sale

CampingCar-Online is a limited liability company, founded in 2001. Ramble Campervans is a subsidiary of CampingCar-Online. 

The company’s capital is €15000.

The company’s registered address is: 84 rue de l'Aqueduc – 75010 PARIS – France.

It is registered under the Registre du Commerce de Paris (Paris Register of Commerce) under the identification number:

434 838 140 R.C.S. Paris

This registration is valid until 07/March, 2051.

The company’s TVA number is: FR38434838140.

All reviews of the company are handled through TrustPilot, an independent third party service.


The company is subscribed to a professional insurance plan under AVIVA, contract number 76063752.


All financial transactions made through the website are through a secure, anti-fraud payment system, 3D Secure.


1. The reservation process

Creating an account

CampingCar-Online/Ramble Campervans is the intermediary between its clients and its partner companies who rent motorhomes, campervans, and RV’s. In order to have access to the services offered through the partners, clients must first sign up for an account on the website, providing at minimum their surname, first name, and an email address.  

Elements to be provided

In order to complete a quote, the following elements will be demanded:
- address and telephone number
- first name and surname of primary driver
- number of passengers in the vehicle and if there are children under 8 years old
- type of vehicle desired
- dates of travel and pick-up/drop-off locations
- flight numbers and times if required
- acceptance of the general conditions of CampingCar-Online/ Ramble Campervans

In order to change a quote into a booked reservation, the client must make a payment of 30% of the total rental price, or a minimum of 153€. This deposit will only be charged once the vehicle has been confirmed to be available.  

Waiting period for confirmation

For the destinations where the demand is higher than the availability during certain periods, a delay of 72 hours will be necessary to confirm a vehicle for the selected dates. In this case, the deposit will not be charged until the availability has been confirmed, and only at the request of the client. If the type of vehicle requested is not available, CampingCar-Online/Ramble Campervans will offer another model to the client, who can refuse or accept the modification.

Vehicle pick-up vouchers

Once the reservation is confirmed the client will receive by mail or email, the voucher which is required to pick-up the vehicle from the rental center as well as the final invoice and tourist guide for the destination. The voucher contains the following essential rental information:
- reservation number from the rental center
- contact information of the rental center
- travel summary
- summary of all payments made and payments still to be made at vehicle pick-up

This voucher must be presented at the rental center the day of vehicle pick-up.


2. Service and rental fees

Establishment of prices

All fees for services displayed on the website are in either Euros or US Dollars and are established during a certain period based on the information provided by our partners at the time of making the quote. Prices are thus regularly updated, and in certain cases, can be changed without warning. Similarly, all promotions offered on the website depend on reservation dates and service providers, and thus are limited to the time-frames provided and according to the conditions of the partner.

The total price of a chosen service is established at the time of reservation and cannot be modified after. The client will not be charged additional fees beyond this date, even in the case of a rise in prices. No prices can be contested by the client after this date.

Rental options

A certain number of additional options are proposed on the website. These payable options generally cover additional equipment to add to a rental, including:
- sheet kits, comforters, and towels
- camping tables and chairs
- GPS systems
- insurance plans

There are other options which cover the distance included in a rental. Please note that the services shown on the quote do not include additional costs of travel such as fuel and local taxes.


3. Conditions of use

The essential documents

In order to have access to the vehicle, it is necessary to possess the following four documents at the moment of vehicle pick-up:
- a valid driver’s license in the name of the driver, and in some cases an international permit.
Certain countries and companies require this document to gain access to the vehicle.
- a form of identification or valid passport
- an internationally accepted credit card in the name of the driver in order to pay the deposit
- the vehicle pick-up voucher

In the case that one or more of these documents is not provided by the client, the rental center reserves the right to refuse access to the vehicle, and the client will not be due a refund of the deposit or any other funds by the rental center or by CampingCar-Online/ Ramble Campervans.

Taking possession and returning the vehicle

By taking possession of the vehicle, the client implies that they accept all general conditions of the rental fleet. The client is thus responsible to ensure at time of pick-up that the vehicle is in perfect condition, all equipment is present, and all insurances have been confirmed.

The vehicle must be returned to the rental center according to the agreed upon hours and dates. The rental center determines the penalties for returning a vehicle outside of the agreed upon time. If the vehicle is picked-up late, or returned earlier than scheduled, the client is not entitled to any form of compensation.

A complete vehicle overview will be made at the time of vehicle pick-up and drop-off. Please be sure to take the time to do a thorough check, as any damage noted between vehicle pick-up and drop-off will be charged to the client and any amount up to the limit of the deductible as defined by the insurance will be taken out of the security deposit. The vehicle must be returned in a clean state with a full fuel tank. Concerning the maintenance and mechanical wear of the vehicle, the client must regularly verify the fluid levels and if needed, bring the vehicle to a maintenance garage. For more information, please see the general conditions of each individual rental provider.

Vehicle usage and responsibility of rental provider

The client must agree to and respect the usage conditions put in place by the rental provider. The client agrees to not only a prudent and normal usage of the vehicle, but also to only use the vehicle for personal purposes. The vehicle can only be driven by the drivers authorized at time of vehicle pick-up, and cannot accommodate more passengers than legally allowed. Driving time limits imposed by the insurance provider must be respected. The client must also compensate the rental center for any damage caused in the event of an accident with the vehicle.
Concerning any illegal use or behavior while driving the vehicle, the renter is solely responsible for any penalties incurred by the law. If the renter commits an infraction to driving laws, drives while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or breaks any other laws, they will be solely responsible for any financial consequences. If the renter leaves the country without paying any fines, the rental center has the right to report their information to the police, and may apply additional administrative fees.

If the client would like to travel to several countries, they must verify that the rental company authorizes the travel, and they have fulfilled all requirements for said travel.


4. Payment for services

Accounts and payment

- In the case that the reservation and the date of departure are separated by more than 30 days, a deposit of 30% of the total price, or 153€, will be demanded to confirm the reservation. The remaining 70% will be due 30 days before the departure date. It is possible to make intermediary payments and receive and up to date balance after each payment. All payment details are accessible under the client’s account on the website.

- For reservations with a departure date less than 30 days from the reservation, the entire balance will be due at the time of booking.
At the time the last payment is made, the client will be provided a voucher listing the confirmation of the model and dates of the rental. In the case a payment is not received following the above guidelines, CampingCar Online / Ramble Campervans reserves the right to cancel the rental without compensation or any refund to the deposit.

Please note that if the renter is subscribed to the GLOBAL insurance, this will be added to the deposit. The fee will be 4% of the total amount for travel within Europe, and 4% + 44€ for travel outside of Europe.

Accepted forms of payment

The following forms of payment are accepted by CampingCar-Online:
- credit or debit card, through the website, in person or over the phone (Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, and Carte Bleu)
- wire transfer

The following forms of payment are accepted by CampingCar-Online: 
- credit or debit card, through the website ( Visa, Master Card, CB, American Express, Maestro)
- wire transfer

All payments can be made in Euros or US Dollars for non-residents of France. All online payments are made though our secured payment system 3D Secure.

Deposit required by rental center

Each rental fleet requires a security deposit in case of damage to the vehicle. All deposits are set by the rental providers themselves. They can only be paid by international credit card depending on the country. The client must make sure that this amount is available in their account at the time of rental in order to gain access to the vehicle.


5. Cancellation and contract modification

Contract modification

- All contract modifications which are not key elements to the reservation (address, mode of payment, etc…) will not incur an additional fee.
- All modifications which relate to and essential element of the contract or modification of the rental itself (dates, locations, number of travelers, vehicle type, etc…) will incur modification fees. Please not that such a modification made very late in the rental process could affect the availability of the rental.

Contract cancellation

CampingCar-Online/ Ramble Campervans must be informed of any cancellation by writing. The cancellation policies vary by function of the rental provider. Cancellation fees will apply and increase as the departure date approaches.

Similarly, in the case the renter does not show up on the pick-up date, the rental provider reserves the right to charge all or part of the rental total.  


6. Treatment of personal information

All personal information necessary for the handling of requests with CampingCar-Online/Ramble Campervans is only relayed to the rental provider in the case of booked reservation, and in no other case shared with a third party.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act (article 34 of law 78.17 of January 6th, 1978), you have the right to access, modify, rectify, and suppress any of your personal information.