Rent a camping car or motorhome in Portugal

Explore Portugal by motorhome

The two entry points to Portugal, north and south, are the cities of Porto and Lisbon. You will collect your carefully selected, CampingCar-Online/Ramble Campervans motorhome in one of these cities.

This country is so close to France (2h30min flight) and yet it is so exotic and perfectly suited to motorhome travel. It has a moderate climate largely due to the Atlantic Ocean that borders more than 800 km of Portugal. This allows for smooth motorhome traveling all year round.

There is lovely scenery north of Porto, inculding maritime landscapes that alternate with deep valleys. Montesinho park has very rugged landscapes. Algarve is perfect for beach lovers, but don't forget the beautiful beaches of Praia da Rocha. Visit Albufeira, former stronghold of the Moors, and admire the preserved site of Pontada Piedade .

You will have no problems finding parking near the beaches. However, do not try to drive through the narrow streets of historic city and village centres.



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General Info


A wonderful country to visit by motorhome as there is good infrastructure and the people are welcoming


If you prefer to visit the north with its unique traditions, check motorhome availability in advance


One-way trips are not possible here. Lisbon to Porto is unfortunately impossible!


Camping along the beaches is tolerated but be discreet. Long may it last!


Choose to travel in the countryside and stay at farms and you will not be disappointed

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