4wd rentals in Gaborone

Renting camping cars, 4x4s and trucks in Gaborone

Rent a camping car, 4x4 or a truck with CampingCar-Online/Ramble Campervans to depart from Gaborone. We can offer you backpacker, standard or luxury models. Our specialists will guide you step by step through the rental process in this city.

Gaborone is the capital of Botswana and has a population of 300 000. The name comes from a great chief, Batlokwa, who died in1932. Today it is nicknamed the "White City", although this doesn't correspond very well to the city, as it is quite polluted and not necessarily a tourist attraction. However it is situated at the extreme southeast of the country on the border with South Africa, making it a good place to rent your camping car.

A departure from Gaborone will allow you to explore the magnificent natural reserves in Botswana, after which you can descend to Johannesburg and discover the treasures of South Africa.


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General Info


Extraordinary country with many campsites and a developed road network.


Avoid driving at night and always spend the night in established campsites.


It is important to reserve your campsite in advance during peak seasons.


For 5 - 6 passengers we recommend booking long in advance.


For certain park and nature reserve roads (except Kruger) a 4x4 vehicle is recommended.