Renting camping cars, vans et profiles in Manchester

Manchester Campingcar-Online/Ramble Campervans, specialists in camping cars rentals since 2001, offers you the best selection of profilesmotorhomesvans et camping cars.

CampingCar-Online/Ramble Campervans has specialised in motorhome renting in Manchester since 2001 and can offer you the best selection of camping-cars, motorhomes and vans.

This city is an excellent starting point for exploring England and our experts will guide you through the rental process in this city.

Manchester is situated northeast of London. Although it is smaller in size than other major cities in England, it has a rich history and many exciting spots to discover! Manchester is well known for its football club, vibrant music scene and quality museums. Perhaps its most striking and easily accessible attribute to discover is its architecture. It weaves a story as it moves from Victorian styles to modern designs to typically red-bricked industrial buildings. The 15th century cathedral is certainly one of the most iconic buildings in the city. There are numerous art galleries in the city. One of them houses the largest collection by LS Lowry, a leading 20th century artist. 

Manchester is surrounded by the Pennines mountain range, considered the backbone of England. It stretches to the border with Scotland and crosses the Yorkshire Dales. It is easy to access and cross with nothing to do but glorious hiking hiking hiking amidst splendid, wild natural landscapes!

The north of England is waiting for you to explore in your motorhome or campervan! You will be free as bird to travel further north for a tour of Hadrian's Wall or a little bit of romance further south in the Lake District.

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