5 reasons why Iceland is the best place to give your children a taste for travel!

It's not always easy to find a place which is suitable for young travellers, but for sure every member of the family will enjoy Iceland. 


A destination where nature is the Queen

If your children don't have enough time for outdoors activities, Iceland will allow them to take a big breath of fresh air and let off steam.
Afraid to be bored in the car? No risk! The landscapes are constantly changing over the kilometers. Tall grass, black sand beaches, almost lunar plains, fjords or blue glaciers will surprise and please them.  

It is also certain that your cherubs will enjoy lounging in one of the hot springs of the Blue Lagoon. A real natural pool! They will love the waterfalls, especially Namaskard Waterfall, where rainbows form easily.


A unique wildlife 

Iceland is definitely a nature destination. You can discover a large number of animal species that you would never see elsewhere. 

Of course the Husavik whales are certainly worth seeing and you will have more than a 98% chance to see them. If you are unlucky and miss them, you will be offered a free ride the next day so as not to disappoint your little angels. Going to see the puffins is a must when you pass near Vik or Husavik.



A friendly people

A holiday in Iceland is an excellent opportunity to meet people with a very different culture and thus open the minds of your children. Icelanders are generally friendly, open and welcoming. They will not fail to engage in conversation and help you on your journey. Then of course every kid dreams of meeting a viking!


Ideal for picnics

On your road trip in Iceland you will certainly have the opportunity to for fast food and your children can enjoy their share of burgers and fries! But there are also many supermarkets to buy cheese, bread and fruit and enjoy more simply, healthy picnics for lunch. Lunch in the middle of nature, what a dream!

The little thing that changes everything ... a visit to Santa Claus' house in Akureyri.


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