Driving and drivers licences in Ireland

Driving and drivers licenses in Ireland

Tips and guidelines for driving a motorhome in Ireland

Basic driving rules in Ireland

Driving is always on the left hand side of the road and priority is to the right, unless otherwise indicated.

Pedestrians must always look right before crossing.

You must have your national or international drivers license on you at all times.

In traffic circles, traffic moves in a clockwise direction.

It is important to stick to the left side of the road on small streets and narrow country roads to avoid oncoming vehicles.

All of the occupants of the vehicle must wear a seat-belt, in the front of the vehicle as well as at the back. Child car seats and booster seats must also be used when necessary.

Always overtake on the right and leave a good distance before merging back into your lane especially in front of trucks.

The speed limit for motorhomes is:

  • 50 km/h in cities
  • 80 km/h outside of towns
  • 80 km/h on higways 

The number used for police, firefighters and emergency medical services is 999

In the case of an accident first call: 112

Using a cell phone while driving is prohibited. 

The legal blood-alcohol limit is less than 0.5 g/l

Be aware that traffic signals differ from vertical to horizontal from one country to another. Pay attention and adjust your driving!

This information is subject to change from time to time. Be sure double check before your trip.


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