Preparing for your trip

Prepare your suitcases

CampingCar-Online helps you to prepare your future trip in a motorhome or converted van by showing you the things not to forget. You will find tips on the type of luggage you should take, or a list of important documents to take.

Type of luggage

When travelling by motorhome in Italy, it is important to save as much space as possible.

In order not to be overwhelmed, and especially if you pick up and drop off your vehicle in two different cities, remember to bring soft bags or even backpacks, which can easily be stored in a corner of the motorhome.

If your city of departure and your city of arrival are the same, you can always leave your empty suitcases in a locker at the rental centre.

A day bag can be very handy for storing your valuables, or even for your excursions and visits.

Important documents

Passport: biometric or electronic. For more information concerning visas or other information, please consult the website of the embassy of your country.
Airline tickets
National or international driving licence
Voucher/voucher for your motorhome, hotel and ferry bookings...
Credit card: remember to check with your bank your daily authorized debit amount.
Travel Insurance
Tip: Remember to leave a copy of your papers with your family and friends so that they can scan them for you if necessary. And / or keep a copy in a different place from the originals.

General/additional list

Mobile phone (be sure to ask your operator about the cost of using your phone).
Travel guide
Address book
Chargers for phone, camera, computer...
CD for the road
Camera (also remember to bring extra memory cards)
Flashlight, flashlight
Watch with alarm
Card games and others
Toiletries kit
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Hair dryer
Sun cream (minimum index 30)
First aid kit (bandage, aspirin, antiseptic, scissors etc)


Italy is a country with a temperate climate in the north and a Mediterranean climate in the south.
In winter, remember to cover yourself with sweaters and waterproof clothing.

For the summer, give priority to light and comfortable clothing to withstand the heat.


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