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Formerly known as Lorenço Marques, Maputo is a vibrant city. It is culturally dynamic and very pleasant with its many café terraces and streets lined with pretty Jacaranda trees, making it one of the most attractive capital cities in Africa.

Maputo is built on a small cliff overlooking the Maputo Bay. It was a Portuguese colony and much of the European architecture and old fortifications remain intact today. For example, the dome of the railway station and la Casa de Ferro (iron house) were designed by Gustave Eiffel. Other buildings in Maputo reflect the Arab influence in the region. Head to Rua de Bagamoyo to see the oldest mosque in the city.


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General Info


Extraordinary country with many campsites and a developed road network.


Avoid driving at night and always spend the night in established campsites.


It is important to reserve your campsite in advance during peak seasons.


For 5 - 6 passengers we recommend booking long in advance.


For certain park and nature reserve roads (except Kruger) a 4x4 vehicle is recommended.