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We have just came back from a three and a half week trip through Namibia in a 4x4 with tent on the roof. We stayed for 15 days in Namibia and then joined Botswana and Victoria Falls. We have been dreaming of this trip for years and have not been disappointed either by the country or the mode of transport.
Discovering Namibia is a wondeful trip full of experiences and surprises. The country offers both superb landscapes (desert, oceans, rocks, savannas, ...) but also a fauna are more than perfect for all animals lovers. Usually, we do not do camping but we loved the tent on the roof of the car. The car is perfectly equipped: tent on the roof with a really comfortable mattress and two sleeping bags plus pillows. In the trunk of the car we find all the necessary to camp in a very luxurious way: chairs, tables, dishes, barbecue equipment, small fridge, ...

Our raod trip :


To Sesriem :

We started our trip from Windhoek where we bought some food in a big mall for our three nights of camping. Our next stop was Sesriem – Sossulvei. With the barbecue set, we did not hesitate to buy some really good meat which is not expensive at all. We enjoyed it every evening
We booked three nights in Sesriem campiste. The camp is perfectly equipied and the camp site are raisonnably far from each other which give you some privacy.

Very well spaced camp sites with a fire place, Braai, BBQ water tap, animal proof rubbish bins and a low wall surrounding each site.

Sossusvlei Dunes:
The advantage of being in the camp is that you will be the first to admire the dunes at sunrise. Indeed, the camp is located inside the park so no need to wait until the doors of the park are opened to drive the 50 km of road that will take you to the dunes. Likewise, you can stay there as late as possible to photograph the sunset.





The unique experience of the airballoon over the dunes


If you are attracted by excited thrill, we recommand you a flight with air balloon. The flight is about one hour and the experience is unique. The ballon rises smoothly up 500m. You can admire an amazing view of the desert and the dunes. After the flight, they will offer you magical champagne breakfast in the middle of desert.

Sunrise over the dune and visit of Elim Dune

There is no better place to start a dinner

Sea break


Because we are not used to camp, we appreciated to do some hotel breaks. Moreover, it was not easy to find a campsite around Walvisbay.
We enjoyed a river cruise to see sea lions, pelicans and dolphins. We really love spending time on the beach during sunrise !

To Damaraland to look for the desert’s elephants
The road that leads to the Damaraland is beautiful and offers a landscape still very different from what we had seen before.

The camping is perfectly equipied as usuall. We love the showers and toilets in the open air. We felt really close to the nature. Some birds come to visit during our dinner trying to steal food.






Safari to find elephants desert :
As soon as we arrived we were looking for desert’s elephants and we did not return empty-handed. It took us about two hours of driving to find them which kept the suspense until the last moment





Unexpected encounter with the Waterburg plateau
The advantage of having your own vehicle with tent is obviously mobility. Our first game drive in search of elephants was so fruitful that we decided to abandon the Damaraland to discover the Waterberg plateau. Thanks to the satellite phone we call the Waterberg resort to make sure that a camping site is available and we are on our way.

To discover Waterburg, it is essential to reserve a game drive. The park is particularly monitored since many endangered species have been introduced to be particularly protected.
In order not to disturb the fauna but still be able to observe it, wooden corridors were built allowing to reach the observation huts of the water points without being seen or heard.

First meet with one of the big five !


Etosha !!
This is THE park in Namibia! Its advantage over others is that you can do everything yourself and be totally free with your car. Be careful, prohibition to get off the vehicle if you are not in a zone provided for this purpose. Here again the campsite takes on its full meaning. There are three camps in the park. Each camp has a water point that allows the observation of the animals 24/24.
You can easily spend hours watching the back and forth of the savanna and enjoying an aperitif accompanied by local beer.

Our roard trip around Etosha :

Okaukuejo Camp





To the Caprivi strip ..
Here we are again immersed in a landscape and a very different atmosphere. Whereas for the moment we rarely encountered villages. The road linking Etosha to the Caprivi Strip or the Zambezi Strip passes through a large number of villages and schools. So we get to know many local people and are greeted by an incalculable number of children in uniforms all returning from school.
We enjoy a cruise on the Zambezi river to meet hippo, birds, buffalos and elephants.












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