Portugal by motorhome, but of course! Part 2

A Quick Tour of the Portugal Horizon with JM.D

This photographic testimony is but a small slice of all the hidden wonder of Portugal!



braga porte braga

architecture architecture braga

porte braga azulejos braga

 place braga

azulejos  façade architecture façade braga



 architecture guimaraes

château guimaraes

plafond charpente château guimaraes château guimaraes

 linge balcon guimaraes façades guimaraes  


Peneda Geres National Park

panorama parc national peneda geres monument peneda geres portugal

point d'eau parc national portugal chemin lac portugal

monuments parc national peneda geres lac panorama

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Travel info

  • 2 Travelers
  • Type of vehicle : Motorhome
  • Length : 15 nights
  • from 19/10/2016 to 03/11/2016


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