Roadtrip in South Africa and Zimbabwe



Some news from our trip. Overall it was a great trip, full of thrills. 

However, when picking up the camper, it turned out that the rental company did not want us to cross the border at Beitbridge and it was discouraged. 

Concerning the state of the vehicle:

·         Overall satisfied

·         A faulty fridge that didn't work every day : there was a problem with the auxiliary battery not recharging

·         Both gas jerrycans leaked (defective seals and one pierced can)


A little photo of our truck camper.


Kind regards


Isabelle P



 Afrique du Sud 4x4

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Travel info

  • 2 Travelers
  • Type of vehicle : Motorhome
  • Length : 14 nights
  • from 03/10/2015 to 17/10/2015


Johannesburg - Johannesburg by 4wd, with a stop in Zimbabwe

Depart from: