Public holidays and vacations in Spain

When do Spaniards go on holiday?

Holidays in Spain



    2020 2021
New Year's Day Jour de l'an January 1st  Friday, January 1st 
Epiphanie Epiphanie January 6th Wednesday, January 6th
Good friday Vendredi Saint April 10th Friday, April 10th
Labour Day  Fête du travail Mai 1st Sunday, Mai 1st 
Assomption Assomption August 15th Monday, August 15th 
National Day Fête national de l'Espagne  October 12th Tuesday, October 12th 
Toussaint La Toussaint  November 1st

Monday, November 1st

Constitution Day  Fête de la Constitution  December 6th

Monday, December 6th

Immaculée Conception Immaculée Conception December 8th

Wednesday, December 8th

Noël Noël December 25th

Saturday, December 25th 

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