Winter in Sweden

For A Completely Unique Winter Experience 

Although the latitude inches quickly north in Sweden, it is a country discovered just as well in the winter as the summer by motorhome! Although not at all the same experience, there is nothing quite as spectacular. 

So why would one decide to travel in Sweden by motorhome or campervan in the Winter? First of all, for the amazing natural landscapes, covered in a striking and magnificent blanket of white. The vehicles available to rent in Sweden are fully capable of traveling the country in the winter: snow tires, snow chains, insulated blankets...all that's left is to plan out a practical itinerary. 

Secondly, the large cities in Sweden (Malmö et Stockholm) are lively all throughout the year. Even though the sun strikes your face less and less as the year goes on, life in Sweden never comes to a halt. 

The Swedish climate is quite unique, and temperatures drop several degrees below freezing. It is important to thus equip yourself accordingly and prepare for the snow and the darkness to be at a peak in the Winter. 

For many years now, certain campsites have remained open year-round, and many are in close proximity to ski areas. Among the most popular in the country: Åre (boasting the largest skiable area), Sälen, Vemdale...

There are many different types of Winter activities in Sweden: Cross-country skiing, dog-sledding, spas, aurora borealis excursions, etc... Or simply explore a new region waiting for you to discover such as the Bohuslän Coast with its small, colorful fishing villages, or taste-test excellent seafood and discover a fascinating way of life and history. 

In short, a Swedish road-trip in the Winter is very possible and unique experience to be carefully planned ahead: itinerary, campgrounds, activities for the entire family...

Safe travels!


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