Nothern lights and land of the midnight sun

Northern lights and land of the midnight sun

Soaking up the calming rays of the midnight sun or marvelling at the dancing northern lights. Visiting Swedish Lapland in the north of Sweden in your motorhome rental gifts you the opportunity to experience the aurora borealis, a truly magical natural phenomena.

From late May to mid July the sun shines deep into the night, allowing you to nip out of your campervan rental and take a midnight hike or a midnight dip in a lake or river. From larger northern towns of Umea or Kiruna you can reach picturesque small towns such as Abisko, Gällivare or Jokkmokk.

The freedom of a motorhome allows you to chase the aurora borealis, with your home on four wheels you can live at your own pace, allowing you to hunt clear skies and dancing aurora borealis. Wake up in the middle of nature and peek out of your skylight and marvel at nature's beauty. Witnessing the aurora borealis from your motorhome rental is a once in a lifetime holiday experience.


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