The Swedish Cuisine

Swedish Cuisine

Sweden’s cuisine is as diverse and rich as its history and culture, with preparation methods that can be traced back to the Viking Era and yet also modern international influences you will discover exciting swedish foods on your motorhome adventure. With your kitchen always with you discovering swedish cuisine is easy, and brings another opportunity to discover the authentic Sweden. With a focus on locally sourced produce, healthy eating, and seasonal recipes you will find many tastes to tickle your tastebuds. With international influences brought from the adventurous Swedes over the centuries you will discover a rich culinary culture on your Swedish motorhome rental holiday.

From Swedish meatballs,smorgasbord, lingonberries, Crispbread, räksmörgås (shrimp sandwiches), Surströmming (pickled herring), Prinsesstårta (princess cake), kebab pizza, cinnamon buns, and of course the August crayfish festival; Sweden has lots of food to be discovered.

The forest to table movement is strong in Sweden; with the abundance of nature there is food to be found in the Swedish forests. You can explore fine do-it-yourself dining in your motorhome if you are careful and respectful of the bounty nature provides.

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