4wd rentals in Victoria Falls

Rent a 4x4 to depart from Victoria Falls

CampingCar-Online/Ramble Campervans, specialists in motorhome rentals since 2001, can offer you negotiated rates and a customized trip. Rent a motorhome or 4x4 in Victoria Falls. Our specialists will guide you step by step through the motorhome rental process in Zimbabwe.

The city and the region dubbed "Vic Falls" experiences a certain prosperity due to tourism with the Vicotria Falls being the main attraction. They are isolated by a thick rainforest, but are actually only a few kilometres away from the town. When you visit the Victoria Falls National Park remember to protect your personal and electronic devices from water/moisture damage. Several view points are avaliable to admire the falls. Cataract View is one of the most impressive. Also take the oppurtunity to admire the surrounding forest and its unusual floral diversity. You can also walk along the Zambezi River below the falls and you may even see some wild animals, such as warthogs, lions, crocodiles, hippos, elephants and antelope. Many activities and extreme sports are possible close to the falls, such as rafting, bungee jumping, canoeing, guided walks, cruises and safaris.

Victoria Falls is an ideal starting point to explore the Zambezi National Park and other parks in the country. You can also visit Namibia, Botswana and South Africa.

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General Info


Extraordinary country with many campsites and a developed road network.


Avoid driving at night and always spend the night in established campsites.


It is important to reserve your campsite in advance during peak seasons.


For 5 - 6 passengers we recommend booking long in advance.


For certain park and nature reserve roads (except Kruger) a 4x4 vehicle is recommended.