4wd Safari K South Africa

Vehicle Description

This 4W, for family and friends of 4 ans 1 child (under 5) is perfect for family safari adventures. Safe, comfrotable and very well equipped with 2 double beds, a kitchen, pressuried hot shower plus much more, all your camping needs will be taken care of. 

Vehicle Images

All floorplans, measurements and specifications are approximate, not guaranteed and subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Vehicle Characteristics

Safari K Ford Ranger  Sleeps 2/4; Engine 2.2 Diesel; Manual/ automatic transmission - 6 speeds; All terrain tyre; Awning; Geyser pressuried shower; Gas; 220 V / 12 V / 150 W Dual battery electrical system

Dimensions  : Fuel tank : 165 L ( 43 US gal); Water tank : 80L ( 21 US gal)

Beds : 2 x double beds

Kitchen and Bathroom : Comprehensive kitchen; Fridge 90 L ( 23 US gal ) with freezer compartment, 220V geser pressurisied shower and wash up system

Complimentary equipment : Awning; 4 chairs; 1 table; Spade; Recovery set; Wood box

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