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Vehicle Description

A small, go-anywhere van for 2 travelers (or 4 with the rooftop tent option). No shower or toilet. 
The affordable Mavericks van has aspacious bed, practical kitchen, and custom hand-painted design. You have the option to add a rooftop sleeper. Compared to RVs, these compact campervans offer functional comforts and the freedom to explore off the beaten path.

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All floorplans, measurements and specifications are approximate, not guaranteed and subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Vehicle Characteristics

Freedom Mavericks Sleeps: 2 (4 with rooftop tent option); Seats: 5; 2012 year model vehicle; Engine: 4.2L 8 Cyl, unleaded gasoline; Power Steering; Automatic Transmission; Cruise Control; ABS; Unleaded Gasoline, Approx consumption:12.4L/100km (17mpg); Radio/CD; 110V Electrical Hook-up; Auxiliary Battery; 12V plug: remember to bring and adapter to charge your small electronic devices; Solar Panels: charges refregirator battery when camping; Heating and air conditioning from the driver's cabin; Heater but requires external power souce; 

Optional Equipment: Rooftop sleeper; GPS; Solar Shower; Bike rack; Child seat; Picnic table; Audio jack cable; USB charger
Snow chains; 2 person tent; Sunshade awning

Dimensions: Length: 5.40 m (17'9"); Width: 2.01 m (6'8"); Height: 2.05 m (6'9"); Fuel tank capacity: 132 Litres (35 Gallons); Fresh water tank: 19 Litres (5 Gallons); Waste water tank: 19 Litres (5 Gallons); 2 propane bottles for the stove

Beds: Dinette Bed: 191 cm x 168 cm (75" X 66"); Option: Rooftop Tent Bed: 210 cm x 130 cm (hauteur 92 cm) (83" x 51" x 36") 

Kitchen: Heating stove; Refrigerator: 30 litres (8 gallons), powered by the auxiliary battery; Sink

Fuel consumption : 17mpg or 12.4L/100km

Length: 5.40 m
Width: 2.62 m
Height: 2.05 m

Sleeps 2 or 4 with optional roof tent

Fuel tank: 132 litres / 35 gallons
Clear water tank: 19 litres / 5 gallons
Grey/black water tank: 19 litres / 5 gallons
2 gas coils for the stove

Dinette bed: 191 cm x 168 cm (75" X 66")
Option: Roof tent bed: 210 cm x 130 cm (height 92 cm) (83" x 51" x 36")

30-litre (8-gallon) fridge runs on auxiliary battery

Air conditioning and heating on the road as in a car
Heating when stationary, but requires an external power source

110V electrical connection
Auxiliary battery
Cigar lighter: don't forget to take adapters to recharge small electrical appliances such as telephones or cameras.
Panneaux solaires pour alimenter le réfrigérateur lorsqu'il n'est pas utilisé

Rooftop tent
Solar-powered shower
Outdoor tent for two people
Snow chain
USB charger
Cable Jack
Picnic table
Child seat
Bike carrier

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