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Vehicle Description

Following the success of camper vans, we present you the newest member of the van family.

4 seats facing the road, wide rooftop ensures deployment of a double bed (in the rooftent) , plus a great size bed inside of the vehicle.

The van allows you can get further away from the crowds and closer to all the secret spots. A solar shower and well equipped kitchen will provide the independence while on your adventure!

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All floorplans, measurements and specifications are approximate, not guaranteed and subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Vehicle Characteristics

Freedom Big Sur Sleeps: 2-3 or 4-5 with rooftop sleeper; 2016 year model vehicle, 2018 interior furnishings ; Engine: 3.7L 6 Cyl, unleaded gasoline; Power Steering; Automatic Transmission; Cruise Control; ABS; AC; Unleaded Gasoline, Approx consumption:13L/100km (19 mpg); Radio/CD; 110V Electrical Hook-up; Auxiliary Battery; Solar panel for aux battery; Heating and air conditioning from the driver's cabin

Optional Equipment: Rooftop sleeper; GPS; Solar Shower; Bike rack; Child seat; Picnic table; Audio jack cable; USB charger; Snow chains
2 person tent; Sunshade awning

Dimensions: Length: 6.04 m (19'8"); Width: 2.06 m (6'8"); Height: 2.08 m (6'8"); Fuel tank capacity: 94 Litres (25 Gallons); Fresh water tank: 19 L (6 Gallons); Waste water tank: 19 Litres (5 Gallons)

Beds: Double bed : 75'' x 66'' (191 cm x 168 cm); Rooftop double bed : 83'' x 130'' (210 cm x 130cm)

Bathroom and Kitchen: Fridge 8 Gal (30L) on dual battery; 2 bruner propane stove; Sink

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