10 reasons to visit the Canada


Canada will never disappoint you! It is a land rich of very different landscapes. It is a population always happy who will give you very warm welcome. You can believe us, your roadtrip in Canada will be one of the most beautiful trips of your roadtripper life.
If these few words have not already convinced you, then here are the top 10 reasons to visit Canada.



1- 45 National Parks

Just this huge number should convince you that Canada does not rhyme with routine or borring. Gros-Morne, Cape-Breton Highlands, Fundy-Mauricie, here are some of the highlights

2 -Gastronomy

"la poutine", "bacon" but not alone ! Canada offers also tasty dishes with new beer tasting. Yummy

3 - Wildlife

Whales, Bears, beavers !! Full of animals that you will surely see only there.

4 - Une great culture

With is 151 years old, Canada has a big history to tell. Let's discover autochnone culture and the art of primary nations

5 - Festival with amazing atmosphere

You like music ? So, let's go for a festival in Montreal 
You prefer moovie ? Go to for International Moovie Festival in Toronto 
Gastronomy ? A stop  in Pemberton is what you need

6 - Very very nice people

Stereotype are sometimes great! Canadian people have the reputation to be very cool people and really polite. Do not hesitate to start the conversation with your the people who share the table with you in cafe or restaurant. it is iften the best way to get some nice tips and to enjoy the atmosphere of a country.  

7- The longest coastline in the wolrd

Nerver mind your desires, the size of the coastline will allow you to exercie a multitide of nautical activities. Kayak ? Boat tour ?


8- Nature is adventure

To disocver the large landscape et all the national parks you have a lot of choices. Trek, bike, ....  A full of adrenaline you will live.

9- 4 seasons to enjoy the country very diffrently

Automn is the periode orange and leaf on the ground. Winter is time to admire the snow on the montains. Summer can be hot and you would probably appreciate the sun on the beach of Prince Edward. 

10- Diversity 

Le Canada is home to a very different population beacause of its significant immigration. So in one country you will be able to meet many other cultures. 

To know more please click on this link https://fr-keepexploring.canada.travel/things-to-do/canada-best-place-to-travel 

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General Info


Canada: The horizon is the limit! Ideal for motorhome travel, a holiday with complete freedom!


Canada is a popular country - book months in advance


The permit B driving license is sufficient for driving even the biggest motorhomes, the driving conditions are easy, the national parks welcome vehicles of all sizes!


The Indian summer period from mid September to mid October will allow you to enjoy the nature at the best prices.


The camping sites are spacious and numerous throughout the country