Explore the east of Canada

An unforgettable road-trip in wild nature and national parks

Canada is an easy and ideal country for renting a motorhome. You can explore the wonders of the Canadian wilderness at your own pace.
Depart in your motorhome from Montreal, Halifax or Toronto to travel eastern Canada.

Fundy Bay

This bay is known for its rapid and dramatic tides. The best view point of the tides is Hopewell Rocks, home to gigantic monoliths (rocks carved and moved by man). Many activities are available in the area, such as camping in Fundy National Park and whale watching.

Toronto and Ottawa

Ottawa, the capital of canada, is a fairly green city which seems devoid of any industry. However, it is gradually improving its image and becoming a more lively city, increasingly attractive, while retaining its rich culture.

Toronto is the largest city in Canada. It is a cosmopolitan city similar to those in the USA with skyscrapers and fairly developed industrial and financial activities. Nightlife in Toronto is lively and many parks have been created to bring vegetation into the city. 

                                            Toronto_                                                                                Montreal_

Montreal and Quebec

Montreal is the only French-speaking city in North America. It is a green city, lively and with boundless creativity. It is easy to get around by foot or bike and there are many activities and attractions to see. Explore Old-Montreal and enjoy Quebec City which is alive with events, winter and summer alike.

Quebec, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the only fortified city in the country and is the heart of the Quebecer identity. It is historic home for American and European tourists who flock to the city in both summer and winter.

The Niagara Falls

Near Toronto are some of the the most famous and impressive waterfalls in the world. they are shared between Canada and the USA and are separated by Goat Island. The Canadian falls are nearly 800 meters wide and are visited by millions of tourists every year. Opposite the American falls is Queen Victoria Park, a beautiful park, especially in April when hundreds of daffodils bloom.


This region, in the middle of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, is frequently visited for its marine charm. Fishing is an indispensable economic activity in the region. With the decline fish, shrimp, crab and lobster fishing have intensified. The Gaspésie National Park is worth a visit for its snow-capped mountains, arctic vegetation and caribou, now an endagered species.

Perce Rock

You can explore Perce rock on foot at low tide with a guide. This 85 metre high rock has a hole over 10 metres high forming a natural arch in the water. The landscape is even more beautiful at sunset. The jasper and agate gemstones enhance the beauty of this place and thay can even be found on the beaches in the region. Bonaventure Island is also an exceptional site in the region.

The Atlantic/Maritime Provinces

These provinces include New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. This maritime region of Canada is typically rural with its pine forests, rivers suitable for fishing salmon and wooden houses. Enjoy some delicious lobsters, whale watching, hiking and cycling while discovering the amazing Acadian culture and joy of life.

Mauricie National Park

This park is one of the finest in Canada. It is covered entirely by forest dotted with more than 150 water points and lakes. Many activities are available, such as camping, mountain biking, kayaking, skiing and swimming. It has a rich flora and fauna including red foxes, black bears, beavers, raccoons, gray wolves, forest turtles and over a hundred species of birds.

Kejimkujik National Park

The best way to explore the majority of this park is on foot. this way you will be able closer to the natural vegetation of the park, as well as its many birds. Canoe tours are also available to explore the area.

Forillon, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Wapusk national parks

Canada has many national parks and nature reserves, all with beautiful scenery and a prevailing wilderness. Depending on which park you're in, you can enjoy various activities such as camping, hiking, whale watching and kayaking.


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General Info


Canada: The horizon is the limit! Ideal for motorhome travel, a holiday with complete freedom!


Canada is a popular country - book months in advance


The permit B driving license is sufficient for driving even the biggest motorhomes, the driving conditions are easy, the national parks welcome vehicles of all sizes!


The Indian summer period from mid September to mid October will allow you to enjoy the nature at the best prices.


The camping sites are spacious and numerous throughout the country