Western Canada

An unforgettable motorhome journey exploring British Columbia

Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains, you will see some of the most beautiful sights of North America. Waterfalls, glaciers, emerald and turquoise lakes and forests await you during your motorhome road trip in western Canada.

After collecting your motorhome in Vancouver, head off to Okanadan Valley, one of the great wine regions. The scenery in this valley is breathtaking. This area will give you the opportunity to visit many vineyards, including Oliver, Penticton, Okanagan Falls, Kelowna..... and more. Travel on in the direction of Revelstoke, a city nestled high in the Monashee Mountains near Glacier and Mount Revelstoke National Parks. Revelstoke National Park offers some of the most spectacular scenery in Canada.

After a 3 hour drive you will arrive at the town of Lake Louise in Banff National Park along the Trans-Canada Highway. It is impossible to take bad photos here as the scenery is majestic. Spend some time exploring Banff National Park.

The road towards Jasper is framed by spectacular mountain peaks of more than 12,000 feet. You will surely be i,pressed. Visit the Athabasca Glacier, the most visited glacier on the North American continent.

In your motorhome you will drive through beautiful landscapes of the Wells Gay Provincial Park on your right and the Columbia Mountains on your left. you can stop in Clearwater for the night before returning to Vancouver.

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General Info


Canada: The horizon is the limit! Ideal for motorhome travel, a holiday with complete freedom!


Canada is a popular country - book months in advance


The permit B driving license is sufficient for driving even the biggest motorhomes, the driving conditions are easy, the national parks welcome vehicles of all sizes!


The Indian summer period from mid September to mid October will allow you to enjoy the nature at the best prices.


The camping sites are spacious and numerous throughout the country