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Road-tripping accross a foreign country is great. It's probably the best way to admire the landscape culture. Why not go for a real cultural experience and attend a festival!

You can spend a week in a BnB in New York and wonder 5th avenue like a real New Yorker tourist, take selfie on a beach in Australia, or you can rent a motorhome, campervan, or truck and give yourself the chance to experience one of these festivals, and plunge into the heart of another culture! 

Here are 4 countries with great festivals:

1. United States

The United States is the country of cowboys, rock-stars, and excess. Pick your theme and be American for a few days with one of the following festivals: 

Cheyenne Frontier Days: From July 23th to August 1st, head to Cheyenne in Wyoming and join 300,000 party-goers for the largest open air rodio in the world. Experience a Native American market, an airshow, and even a Kiss concert. Make a special detour from your drive along Route 66. 


Coachella: Where else can you find Guns and Roses, Calvin Harris, and Sia all in one forgotten corner of California? In 21years, this festival has become THE platform for international stars and the biggest names in the business. Come and mix it up with big name celebrities on this patch of land between Los Angeles and Phoenix. 


Burning Man Festival: The festival that needs no introduction. Make your first stop the most unusual and creative festivial in the world, situated in the middle of the Nevada desert, on your conquest of the most famous cities in California. Pick-up a motorhome in San Francisco and make your way to Black Rock City at the end of August!


A vicitm of it's own success, the festival cannot accommodate the high demand it has come to generate. Thus, the festival organisers have given birth to a little brother festival in 2016 : The Further Future Festival. Less far from Highway 1, it's worth following up on to see what it will become. 



2. Canada:

Quebec Summer Festival: Taking place in July in Quebec City, this is one of the largest music festivals in the country, and certainly a great place to mingle with the Québecois.


Just For Laughs: Without doubt, you already know about this comedy festival, and this year will be no exception: One of the most well known comedy festivals will take place this year in July in Montreal, another can't-miss destination for a successful road-trip in Quebec. 


Calgary Stampede: Because Canada is more than just Quebec, during your trip through the west,you must make a stop at the Calgary Stampede, on your way from Vancouver to Calgary. In the same fashion as Cheyenne Frotier Days, bring your motorhome and camp for 2-3 days to enjoy the rodeos, concerts, and First Nations markets. 



3. Australia:

Ten Days on the Island: True to its name, this festival has a mix of concerts, films, and litterature, spread out over ten days on the majestic island of Tasmania. It takes place every two years in the month of March, and gives you the chance for a cultural vacation while exploring the island. 


Big Day Out, Aboriginal Festivals: Musical events not to be missed! Due to its geographical context and vast territory, Australia offers many festivals without the massive crowds you'll find in other countries. These festivals are constantly on the move, and attract international headliners wherever they go. Whether in Melbourne, Adelaide or Sydney, have a look at their websites to plan a memorable trip. 

Margaret River Wine Region Festival, Jazz in the Vines: With all of the gastronomical and wine-tasting stops on the way, you're sure to taste some of the best in the country. It's one of the best ways to integrate yourself into the local wine and cuisine world (particularly in the south-east), before hitting the road (once you're in the proper state of course!).


4. South/Southern Africa:

Afrika Burn: A carbon copy of the famous Burning Man Festival, in the middle of the South African desert, voila! Only 300 km from Capetown, this festival of colors, lights, and art in all forms, will leave you marvelling at the African atmosphere and hospitality. Join other festival-goers on the road at the end of April 2021! 


Buganu and Tonteldoos Country Festivals: These names likely do not ring a bell to you, and for good reason: they are the names of the local harvest festivals that take place throughout the country. A real culture shock, these festivals give you a wonderful opportunity to participate in unique cultural activities between your big city stops!


Convinced yet? If you are interested in participating in one of these events during your trip abroad, the best option is to travel by motorhome and follow your own rythm. Contact us to book your motorhome, campervan, or 4wd camper in Australia, South Africa, Canada, or the United States today!


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