Saguenay National Park

Admire Saguenay fjord

Explore the Saguenay and Lake Saint Jean region aboard your motorhome. Discover a spectacular fjord, a huge lake, culinary specialties and endless activities.

Depart from Montreal in your motorhome to explore the Saguenay and Lake Saint Jean region along the banks of the St. Lawrence.

The Saguenay region is divided into two shores. The north shore will lead you to Tadoussac where you can see the mammals and seabirds of Quebec. This shore is more wild with many beautiful landscapes. The southern shore is accessible from Charlevoix via Route 170 that leads to Lake Saint Jean.

The Saguenay National Park is characterized by its rock formations, dense forest and its majestic fjord that stretches 100km before reaching the Saint Lawrence. It boasts breathtaking scenery on both shores and you are sure to be amazed at what you see and experience. You can explore the Saguenay Fjord in a boat cruise or by hiking along one of the park trails. A variety of sporting and outdoor activities are available.

There are campsites in and around the park.

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General Info


Canada: The horizon is the limit! Ideal for motorhome travel, a holiday with complete freedom!


Canada is a popular country - book months in advance


The permit B driving license is sufficient for driving even the biggest motorhomes, the driving conditions are easy, the national parks welcome vehicles of all sizes!


The Indian summer period from mid September to mid October will allow you to enjoy the nature at the best prices.


The camping sites are spacious and numerous throughout the country