Fuel in Chile

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Tips regarding fuel and service stations in Chile

Fuel and service stations in Chile

As of March 7th, 2016, the average global price of unleaded petrol/gasoline was US$0.96/litre. The average global price of diesel was US$0.83/litre.

On the same date the average cost of unleaded petrol/gasoline in Chile was US$1.02/litre and US$0.59/litre for diesel. The prices are just an average and they can vary drastically depending on the time of year and the region you are in.

Chile is a vast country and the population density in some of the most beautiful areas is very low. Although the infrastucture is good and there are many service stations equally spread out through the country, they will not be found at every turn. We strongly recommend that when you are travelling long distances you regularly fill up the tank when possible.

Some simple precaution before embarking on an adventure goes a long way!

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