Country tips: finding a campsite

Numerous and spacious campsites

Campsite general information

Not all parking lots and campgrounds are the same. There are the "camping nature" and the "camping club".
The "nature camping or wild camping" are authentic and offer pitches in the heart of nature. The "camping club" are facilities equipped with swimming pools, activities for children and wellness centres. Equipped with electricity or not, all the sites have facilities to recharge the motorhome's water tank.

Outside the camping areas, you have the possibility to find spaces where it is allowed to simply park for the night for example. In this case the camping is done in the middle of nature and it is rare that infrastructures are available.

In relation to your budget, the more equipped the site is, the more expensive it is.
If your budget is limited, choose cheap camping, often you will find yourself on exceptional sites.

The "nature campsite".

Please find below the links of the sites listing "camping nature" in France.

The camping club 

Please find below the links of the sites listing the "camping club" in France.

Wilderness camping applications

If you want to be close to nature and go camping in the wild, you can download the applications below that will tell you where you can park your Park4night camper van.

 If you wish to discover the French soil, do not hesitate to consult the site FrancePassion

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