Camping in Ireland

Where to park your beloved motorhome?

Just temporarily, of course, in order to camp, make a visit to the center of town, or have an adventure in the countryside, where can you leave your camper?

For the camper - Wild, or disperesed camping, is only somewhat tolerated in Ireland. The Forest Service of Northern Ireland grants permits for certain sites, but the choice is rather limited. This is compared with Scotland et de England, where dispersed camping is absolutely allowed. One cannot just park and camp out wherever one wishes (forbidden in National Parks and every square meter of a private land), and certain common sense rules applly: park rather far from any housing, be polite and open minded, discrete, and leave any site as you found it...

And for a little escape - Then there are the established campsites. In this region they are ideally equipped and situated in the back-country, with wonderful views of the Irish countryside. 

If you plan to visit Dublinwhether you are in a campervan, profile van or a motorhome the traffic can be difficult to deal with in the city. Leave your beloved camper at Camac Valley, a campsite not far from the city, and you can take a bus to the center of town. 

It's easier than you think!

Just below we have provided a small list for you to get started on your itinerary planning. 

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