Northern Ireland: Visit the Scenes from Game of Thrones

Discovering the Breathtaking Landscapes and the World of "Game of Thrones"

Whether or not you are a fan of the hit series, "Game of Thrones," (GOT), well known for its dark and twisted storyline, you cannot miss passing by these GOT settings in Northern Ireland. Come and discover its mythical and picturesque lansdcapes, hidden between lush forests and wild, roaming Irish plains, which run-up to steep sea-cliffs. 

Season 6 of GOT has now come to an end, and the winter truce ("Winter is coming") has you down and out...It's totally understandable how one becomes quickly addicted to this series, evermore dark, twisted, and surprising. 

So to make yourself feel better, we suggest taking a motorhome road-trip to check out the actual settings of this cult series in Northern Ireland, and explore Westeros in real life. 


After picking up your motorhome in Belfast, start your journey through The Seven Kingdoms in Tollymore Forest Park (The Haunted Forest), but take care to not run into any white walkers (if you remember, three guards of the Night's Watch were not enough!). In these dense woods, at times quite terrifying, you can relive the attempted escape of Theon (as chased by the detestible Ramsay Bolton), or you can admire its hidden caves and gothic styled bridges and gates. Hop back in your motorhome and just a few kilometers away you will find the superb ruins of Inch Abbey (County Down), an 800 year old abbey that closely resembles many of the scenes in GOT. 


During your trip, don't miss a visit to Castle Ward, better known as "Winterfell", the emblematic castle of the House of Stark and home of the famous Jon Snow (heart-throb of the series). In the heart of the castle, which is a mix of classic and gothic styles, you can play as if you are really there and shoot arrows, or meet the giant wolf-cubs of the House of Stark.


We also suggest a tour of the Country Antrim coastline to explore the extraordinary Cushendun Caves, formed over 400 million years and site where Melisandre gives birth to the deadly shadow assassin. You can also take the time to visit the small coastal town of Ballycastle, where you could find several GOT like scenes (hint: this landscape inspired the Iron Islands, and many others...). As for Murlough Bay (County Antrim), your breath will be taken away by the sprawling landscapes (and for the romantics, best taken in during a sunset). In GOT, Slaver's Bay is based on this real life scene.


Finally, one last must-see on your motorhome road-trip, the amazing Giant's Causeway. This site is famous throughout Ireland for the myths and the magic it brings out. As legend has it, an Irish giant erected 40,000 hexagonal columns of basalt in order to meet the challenge of a fight from a Scottish giant. Nothing better than to share these wonderful memories, between friends or family!

Please note: This article is not meant to be an itinerary, but only a list of ideas inspired by the GOT series. In a motorhome, you are free to come and go as you please, start planning your itinerary today! 

A message to those who have still not given in to watching GOT: The time has come to take the leap and give in, it's well worth it! 

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