Connemara National Park

Land of bogs, moors, meadows and hills

Created in 1980, the Connemara National Park is one of the most beautiful places in the country. It is located to the west and extends over 2000 hectares, including hills, bogs, moors, rolling plains and lakes.

A large number of birds inhabit the park, including some birds of prey. The European deer and the Connemara pony are two beautiful, protected mammals in the park. The park also houses the Twelve Bens, the 12 highest peaks in the region, more than 700 metres above sea level. They are popular for rock climbing, hunting, and of course, hiking. The park can only be visited on foot, but the proposed trails are accessible to all, even young children. The most difficult route ends at Diamond Hill, which rises to 445 metres and offers a unique view. Whatever the difficulty of the course chosen minimal equipment is needed.

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