Public holidays

National Day in Namibia 

When are the public holidays ? 


    2020 2021
New Year's Day Jour de l'an January 1st  Friday, January 1st 
National Day  Fête nationale March 21th  Tuesday, March 21th 
Good Friday Vendredi Saint  April 10th  Friday, April 10th 
Labour Day  Fête du travail  Mai 1st  Saturday, Mai 1st 
Cassinga's Day  Jour de Cassinga  Mai 4th  Tuesday, Mai 4th 
Ascension  Ascension  Mai 21th  Thurday, Mai 13th 
Africa Day  Jour de l'Afrique  Mai 25th  Tuesday, Mai 25th 
Heroes's Day Jour des héros  August 26th  Wednesday, August 26th 
Human rights day  Jour national des droits de l'Homme December 10th 

Friday, December 10th 

Jour de Noël  Christmas Day  December 25th 

Saturday, December 25th 

Boxing Day  Lendemain de Noël  December 26th 

Sunday, December 26th 

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