Skeleton Coast

Skeleton Coast

This stretch of coastline in northwestern Namibia is unlike any other region. The contrast is striking between the sand dunes that flow into the icy, choppy waters of the coast and the colorful inland. It is an arid and wild territory but its inhospitality makes it rather fascinating.

This coastline, given over to winds and storms, got its nickname from the many ships that have been stranded for decades. The Portuguese navigators even called it "the sands of hell". From the mouth of the Swakop to the Kunene, the coast is protected by the Skeleton Coast National Park, created in 1971.

Despite the hostility of the territory, a large number of animals can be observed. Pay attention to the lions, elephants, zebras, giraffes, oryx and rhinoceroses that inhabit the area. Closer to the sea, seabirds are also numerous and fish a lot.

The National West Coast Recreation Area is an area accessible by all vehicles (camper, truck, 4x4) without special authorization and coveted by anglers. At Cape Cross Seal Reserve, don't miss seeing one of the largest fur seal colonies in the world.

The Skeleton Coast is unlike any other region in Southern Africa. Atypical by its climate and its atmosphere it fascinates and challenges more and more visitors who pass by.

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