Holidays and public holidays

Holidays and public holidays in New Zealand

CampingCar-Online/Ramble Campervans can provide you with information regarding the public holidays and other holidays in New Zealand to help you better prepare for your motorhome holiday.

Public Holidays

Even though most of the motorhome rental centres stay open on public holidays in New Zealand, certain administrative offices may be closed. 





New Year's Day

January 1st

Friday, January 1st

Day after New Year's Day

January 2nd

Saturday, January 2th

Waitangi Day

February 6th

Saturday, February 6th 

Good Friday

April 10th and 11th 

April 2nd and 3rd

Easter Monday

April 13th

April 5th


April 25th

Sunday, April 25 th 

Queen's birthay

June 1st

Monday, June 7th 

Labour Day

October 22nd 

October 25th

Christmas Day

December 25th

Saturday, December 25th

Boxing Day

26 December

Sunday, December 26th 

School holidays in New Zealand




Autumn holidays

from 11 April

to 26 April


from 9 April

to 26 April

Winter holidays

from 4 july

to 19 July

from 2 July

to 19 July

Spring holidays

from 26 September

to 11 October

from 24 September

to 4 October

Summer holidays

from 19 December

to 26 January

from 21 December

to 24 January




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General Info


Explore this safe country with beautiful scenery and very warm and friendly people who respect the nature around them


The driving distances are reasonable with easy, beautiful routes; one quickly gets used to driving on the left. You will save money on expensive accomodation by camping.


The ski slopes on the South Island guarentee great snow!


Plan to travel in December, January or Febuary: book 6 - 9 months in advance


Motorhome travel will allow you to access rafting spots, moutaineering spots and other extreme sports areas in complete freedom! The passage between the two islands by ferry is easy in a motorhome.

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