The Lofoten Islands

The Lofoten Islands, a Jewel of Nature in Northern Norway

A closely guarded treasure of the Norwegians, The Lofoten Islands form an archipelago of fjords and cliffs falling off into a turquoise ocean in the arctic circle. The best way to explore the Lofoten Islands your own way and at your own pace is to rent a motorhome or campervan. 

Forming an itinerary of 167 km between the 4 principle islands, the archipelago that spreads out in front of you offers breathtaking landscapes, dotted with picturesque villages folded into the fjords. To explore these islands as they should be, take the ferry with your motorhome or campervan from Bodø and head to Moskenes, in the south-west of the archipelago. Don't forget to take in the amazing view from the ferry. 

Once you have arrived back at port and before diving into your journey east, we advise you to make a quick stop by the village of Å, a classified historic monument. The village of Reine, which lies on your route to the east, is also a must-see. All along your road-trip, let yourself be charmed by fishing villages like Hennigsvaer, peaceful beaches, museums like the Borg Viking Museum, and whale-watching view points. Driving on the Lofoten Islands is a pleasure in and of itself, with the superb roads you will navigate in your motorhome. Take note of the many opportunities to go for a hike or bike ride. Benefit from the micro-climate caused by the Gulfstream, which lends the Lofoten Islands to many outdoor activities in temperatures reaching around 20°C (70°F) in summer. 

The real highlight of the islands is the occasional show of the aurora borealis, a green light show made even more magical by the surrounding landscapes. 

The tightrope like journey through roads which span the fjords, connect the islands, and wind through villages of houses built on stilts, ends with either a return by ferry from Harstad in the Vesteralen Islands, or the ultimate bridge back to the mainland, the Tjelsundbrua Bridge. 

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