Hardangervidda National Park

Beautiful views

The Hardangervidda National Park is the largest park in Norway with an area of over 3500 km², but it is also home to the largest population of wild reindeer in Northern Europe. In the heart of the immense plateau and mountains overlooking the many lakes, the reindeer you may encounter are in the middle of their migration from the east of the country to the west.

The Hardangervidda National Park is astonishing as its climate varies greatly from one place to another. The park can be divided into two main regions: the east and the west. The eastern part of the plateau is relatively dry while the western part is more humid and has a richer vegetation. The western part of the park is home to one of the highest glaciers in Norway, Hardangerjokulen, as well as Sorfjord. The park has many other breathtaking places accessible from the National Tourist Route: the Måbødalen valley but also the Vøringsfossen waterfalls, which are very famous because they are free falling over 140 meters high.

Many unmarked paths have been laid out for hiking, biking or even cross-country skiing. The Rallavergen is a route of about 80 km long, the most popular and most appreciated in Norway by cycling enthusiasts. The Hardangervidda nature center is ideal for family visits as there are shows and activities for everyone.

The area is often referred to as the "Norwegian orchard" because of the abundance of fruits and berries that grow here. The lakes and rivers are full of trout. It is possible to fish, free of charge, in the waters of the fjord, but for the other waters it is necessary to get information and a permit.

You can stop as much as you want in the park by camper van. However, some rules apply. You cannot stop in a cultivated field, on a parking area or within 150m of a house or cottage. But considering the vastness of the park, there is still plenty to do!

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