Bergen, ville majestueuse à l'Ouest

The second largest city in Norway by size and economic activity, Bergen is a pleasant and dynamic coastal city. It's unique charm is based in it's intruiging history and origins, placed in a sublime setting. Bergen is great place to stop while on your motorhome or campervan road-trip through Norway. 

This magnificent city can be found by heading west from Oslo in your motorhome or campervan. At one point one of the largest commercial ports in Europe, and even the capital of the country for a brief time, today Bergen is the largest city in western Norway and possesses a rich cultural history due to its past. 

As you walk through town you will discover the traditional and picturesque market, animated by the fishermen who form the Norwegian identity. You will also find traces of its midieval past with German, Dutch, and even English traces in the architecture. Many of the buildings have been conserved or reconstructed since the peak of the commercial port. When visiting the Bryggen port district, you will find colorful wooden houses which have been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the even older Bergenhus Fortress and Mariakirke Church, dated from the 13th and 12th centuries. You can also walk some of the city's numerous museums or its lively port. 

As if the city itself wasn't interesting enough, the surrounding area is also worth a detour. Situated between the land and the sea, it was developed at the extreme end of a pennisula of fjords and mountains. The drive into Bergen by motorhome is equally as stunning. Take in a sunset over the city by reaching the top of one of the surrounding mountains. The archipelago west of the city protects Bergen from violent ocean waves. A rich diversity of churches and monastaries tucked into the mountains surrounding Bergen further enhances your road-trip to the west. 

Although there is not a rental center within Bergen, we highly recommend making it a destination in your motorhome or campervan. Feel free to contact us for more information on this beautiful city. 

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