The public holidays

The public holidays in Portugal 

When are public holidays in Portugal? 

    2021 2021
New Year's Day Jour de l'an January 1st Saturday, January 1st
Good friday Vendredi Saint April 2nd Saturday, April 2nd
Freedom Day  Fête de la liberté  April 25th  Monday, April 25th
Labour Day  Fête du travail  Mai 1st  Sunday, Mai 1st 
National Day  Fête nationale  June 10th  Friday, June 10th
Assomption  Assomption  August 15h Monday, April 15th
Republic Day  Fête de la République  October 5th  Wednesday, October 5th 
Independance Day  Jour de l'indépendance  December 1st  Thursday, December 1st
Immaculée conception  Immaculée conception  December 8th 

Thursday, December 8th

Christmas Day  Jour de Noël December 25th 

Saturday, December 25th 

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A wonderful country to visit by motorhome as there is good infrastructure and the people are welcoming


If you prefer to visit the north with its unique traditions, check motorhome availability in advance


One-way trips are not possible here. Lisbon to Porto is unfortunately impossible!


Camping along the beaches is tolerated but be discreet. Long may it last!


Choose to travel in the countryside and stay at farms and you will not be disappointed

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