Explore Portugal by Motorhome This All Saints Vacation

How about a motorhome tour of Portugal for your All Saints vacation!

Portugal is everything you could ask for in southern Europe: the sun, the beaches, the rocky cliffs that drop off into the turquoise sea, the mild temperatures that last well into the fall. Before heading into winter, why not catch one last dose of vitamin D? There are also plenty of things to see, Porto and Lisbon are just as charming as they are full of history. Hit the road for a culture and nature-filled adventure.

The size of the country lends itself well to trips from north to south, east to west, or as you wish. The most important part is enjoyng the beautiful landscapes and Portuguese traditions at your own pace. It's a perfectly relaxing trip for a family or a group of friends. 

The regions of Portugal are quite varied and easily accessible. Algarve in the extreme south is without a doubt the most laid-back area with the most mild weather in Portugal. Thus, the upcoming All Saints vacation is the perfect time to make the best of this trip, while it isn't too hot and there are few tourists around. 


Porto Douro camping-car Lisbonne camping-car
Porto                                                                                              Lisbon


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General Info


A wonderful country to visit by motorhome as there is good infrastructure and the people are welcoming


If you prefer to visit the north with its unique traditions, check motorhome availability in advance


One-way trips are not possible here. Lisbon to Porto is unfortunately impossible!


Camping along the beaches is tolerated but be discreet. Long may it last!


Choose to travel in the countryside and stay at farms and you will not be disappointed