Between modernity and colonial wealth

Harare was initially founded under the name of Salisbury in 1890, but gained its independance and changed its name in 1980. Today Zimbabwe's capital is a modern African metropolis with a population of nearly 2 million. 

The modern capital city of the country is characterized by its skyscrapers and colonial architecture reflecting giving it a European atmosphere. Bulawayo, the second largest city, sports the same architectural characteristics.

Harare's city centre is home to the major traces of the colonial past with its old buildings, shopping malls and bookstores. The centre can easily be explored on foot. African art and ethnography enthusiasts will enjoy the National Gallery of Zimbabwe.

You can also relax peacefully in the Grand Garden among lawns, mini rain forests and a miniature reproduction of the Victoria Falls

For the best view of the city climb The Kopje (rock).

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Victoria Falls

General Info


Extraordinary country with many campsites and a developed road network.


Avoid driving at night and always spend the night in established campsites.


It is important to reserve your campsite in advance during peak seasons.


For 5 - 6 passengers we recommend booking long in advance.


For certain park and nature reserve roads (except Kruger) a 4x4 vehicle is recommended.