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Vehicle Description

This motorhome includes a toilet and shower to make up all the necessities needed to enjoy your road trip in New Zealand.

Vehicle Images

All floorplans, measurements and specifications are approximate, not guaranteed and subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Vehicle Characteristics

Moko Deuce Sleeps: 2; Seatbelts: 2; Average vehicle age: 7 years old; Automatic transmission; Diesel engine
Vehicle certified "Self Contained"

External power "hook up" 240V
Auxiliary battery. 
Enables the functioning of the lights. This battery remains charged for 12 hours and recharges when the vehicle is driving or plugged in to an external power outlet (240 V hook up). 
Cigarette lighter. Charges small electrical appliances such as mobile phones and cameras with an adaptor.

Dimensions: Length: 6.00- 7.20 m (19'4" - 23'7"); Height: 2.80 - 3.00 m (8'3" - 9'10") Width: 2.00 - 2.04 m (6'5" - 6'11"); Interior height: 1.90 - 1.94 m (6' - 6'2"); Fuel tank: 75L (20 - 21 US gal); Fresh and used water tanks

Beds: 1 double bed or 2 single beds

Bathroom and Kitchen: Fridge + freezer; Microwavel; Stove (functions using gas); Sink; Shower; Toilet; Hot and cold water

Rental General Conditions




Standard Budget (MIN 5 years)
Mini tablette with GPS and tourist information
Flex Rates benefiting advanced reservations
Onboard Wifi with the Value Package 
Express Returns (option) ability to return the vehicle without filling the fuel tank or emptying the water tanks. Diesel surtax included.  
Shuttle Service between the airport and the rental center



During the high season (November to March), reservations must be made FAR in advance.



Please pay close attention to the time of departure and arrival of your flights. 

Pick-up/Drop-off: Pick-ups and drop-offs can be made from Monday through Sunday between 8:00 and 16:00.

Rental Center Hours: From Monday through Sunday between 8:00 and 16:30, closed on 25/12.

Minimum Rental Period:

- From 01/Apr to 19 Dec and from 11/Jan to 31/Mar : 5 days.

- From 20/Dec to 10/Jan: 10 days. The day of pick-up and the day of drop-off are included in the total. In the case of successive rentals where the drop-off and pick-up are on the same day, the day is counted twice. 

Minimum rental durations are succeptible to change by the rental center. 

Driving Age and Permit: 21 with a normal driver's license held for at least 1 year. 18 for the Highball, Jackpot, and Double Down models. International permit or official English translation required, in addition to national permit. 


Credit Card Deposit
depends on level of insurance

Base Insurance: Debited and returned on the day of drop-off: NZ$3,500.(Highball, Jackpot, and Double Down models), NZ$7,500 (all other models).
Value Package and deductible eliminator: Authorized hold on card.


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