Van Boomerang Highball Australia

Vehicle Description

Organize a road trip in Australia aboard the Boomerang Highball!

Several models may be proposed for the Boomerang Highball, so the dimensions and arrangements may vary.

Vehicle Images

All floorplans, measurements and specifications are approximate, not guaranteed and subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Vehicle Characteristics

Boomerang Highball
Sleeps: 2 (2 seatbelts)
Engine unleaded gasoline
Automatic transmission
Model over 4 years old

Unleaded gasoline

Length: 4.90 m (16'1'')
Width: 1.74 m (5'8'')
Height: 2.50 m (8'2'')
Interior height: 1.86 m (6'1'')

2 sleeps and 2 seatbelts

Fuel tank capacity: 70 L (18.5 US gal) 
Fresh water tank
Gas Bottle

1 double bed

Sink (cold water only)
Gas stove
Fridge + freezer
Microwave (240 V)
Gas bottle

Heating and air conditioning in the driver's cabin like in a car

Gas: Enables the functioning of the fridge when the vehicle is not running or plugged in to an external power outlet (hook up).
External power "hook up" 240V
Auxiliary battery: 
Enables the functioning of the lights. This battery remains charged for 12 hours and recharges when the vehicle is driving or plugged in to an external power outlet (240 V hook up). 
Cigarette lighter: Charges small electrical appliances such as mobile phones and cameras with an adaptor.

Anchor point for one booster seat

Booster seat
Wifi (1 GB of data)
Camping table and chairs
Portable fan heater

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