Rent a motorhome or 4x4 in Arica

Rent a motorhome or 4x4 in Arica

CampingCar-Online/Ramble Campervans, specialists in motorhome rentals since 2001, can offer you negotiated rates and a customized trip. Rent a motorhome or 4x4 in Arica. Our specialists will guide you step by step through the motorhome rental process in Chile.

This port city in northern Chile is in the Atacama Desert and nicknamed the "city of eternal spring". It is one of the driest cities in the world, despite its rather mild climate, with an annual rainfall of less than 1 mm. The city has a few buildings that have been declared national monuments due to their architecture or history, such as the Cathedral of San Marcos by Gustave Eiffel (all metal except for two doors) or the train station to Bolivia.

The region has wondeful swimming beaches with mild water temperatures and good waves. Around the Lluta and Azapa Valleys passion fruit and olives of good quality are grown. Northeast of the city is one of the highest lakes in the world, the Lake Chungara near Parinacota Volcano. For stunning scenery cross the Altiplano, a unique region in the world.

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