Diving and surfing

The best diving and surfing spots

The New Zealand coast is ideal for diving and surfing enthusiasts. New Zealand has about 34 marine reserves and subtropical reefs. Between scuba diving and snorkeling you can really enjoy watch the underwater world. You can also enjoy the great surfing waves in the best surfing spots in the country.

In your motorhome you can explore the best beaches and surfing and diving spots in New Zealand. Take a break during your road trip to enjoy the marine life. Head to the Bay of Islands on the North Island and dive into the famous Poor Knights Islands reserve.

We also suggest you explore the Rainbow Warrior ship wrech, Cathedral Cove and Lake Taupo. On the South Island we recommend Kaikoura, where you can swim with dolphins. You may have a chance to see the great dolphin with a length of up to 3 metres or the smallest and rarest dolphin, the Hector dolphin, found only in this part of the world.

Surfing fans will be in their element travelling the New Zealand coast by motorhome. Surfing in New Zealand is not only reserved for the professionals. Whatever your level, you can try! On the North Island the best spots are in Raglan, Phia, Maori Bay, Miriwai and Bethells. On the South Island Dunedin, with 47 km of beaches, has the best spots.

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General Info


Explore this safe country with beautiful scenery and very warm and friendly people who respect the nature around them


The driving distances are reasonable with easy, beautiful routes; one quickly gets used to driving on the left. You will save money on expensive accomodation by camping.


The ski slopes on the South Island guarentee great snow!


Plan to travel in December, January or Febuary: book 6 - 9 months in advance


Motorhome travel will allow you to access rafting spots, moutaineering spots and other extreme sports areas in complete freedom! The passage between the two islands by ferry is easy in a motorhome.