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New Zealand is primarily a country of nature adventures. In your motorhome you can easily travel around the country and go between the two main islands. Enjoy the many sporting activities, extreme sports, wildlife and hiking alongside volcanoes. But the seasoned adventurer also deserves to relax a little on the beach, take a nap or build a sandcastle. Despite the wealth of activities in New Zealand there are also some of the most peaceful and unique beaches in the world.

New Zealand is home to all kinds of beaches. Even though there are a thousand things to do and see, take a break from your road trip on one of the many beautiful beaches. For those of you who are more active, there will always be a visit or activities to do near the beaches. In Abel Tasman National Park you can do the Abel Tasman Coastal Track, a hiking trail 51 km long with many bays and heavenly beaches. The water is turquoise and translucent and the sand so fine - you will never want to leave! New Chums beach is also idyllic. Access is not easy to find but with a little luck you will be alone. For total relaxation visit Horotutu, Main Beach or Te Ti on the North Island. Many other beaches are ideal to relax on, such as Onema Beach, Tairua and Paunanui on the North Island and St Kilda and St Clair on the South Island. Discover the amazing, black sand beach, Karekare, on the North Island, but be aware that the currents here can be dangerous.

For sports fans, Paraparaumu Beach is near a golf course. You can surf at St Clair near Dunedin, while at Paihia diving spots await you. For nature lovers some beaches hold many surprises. At Te Whanganui-A-Hei discover Cathedral Cove, a natural arch passable at low tide. Head to the Moeraki Boulders Scenic Reserve on the South Island for some curious rock formations at Koekohe Beach. At Hot Water Beach take your best shovel to dig your own beach jacuzzi thanks to the hot springs that pass underneath.

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General Info


Explore this safe country with beautiful scenery and very warm and friendly people who respect the nature around them


The driving distances are reasonable with easy, beautiful routes; one quickly gets used to driving on the left. You will save money on expensive accomodation by camping.


The ski slopes on the South Island guarentee great snow!


Plan to travel in December, January or Febuary: book 6 - 9 months in advance


Motorhome travel will allow you to access rafting spots, moutaineering spots and other extreme sports areas in complete freedom! The passage between the two islands by ferry is easy in a motorhome.