Your US CampingCar-Online/Ramble Campervans' agenda for 2021

Our selection of events that you should not miss in the US this year



 Evenement 1

24th - 28th, Key West - Florida

Wine, food, and sun .... Relax and enjoy some great food and wine on your road trip in the South of the US.



16th, New Orleans - Louisiana

As the New Orleans say, "This is the best free show is the world!" Enjoy this special bank holiday "Fat Tuesday" in Luisiana! Great atmosphere and show that you should not miss during your trip in the area. 


7th, Minneapolis - Minnesota

The most famous and important sport event in the US and probably in the world! Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get seats but the great atmosphere in a pub would also be a fantastic experience!! 




13th - 14th, Los Angeles - California

An event full of colour and atmosphere. Yoga, music, cooking and, of course, throwing coloured powder!! A unique experience that you will love.



8th - 11th, Augusta National Gold Club - Georgia

The Masters is one of the biggest men's golf championships. 2018 will be the 82nd tournament. It will surely be full of suspense and great sportmanship!



16th, Boston - Massachusetts

The oldest marathon in the world is a big event for Boston that attracts more than 500,000 spectators, so even if you don't feel like running 42 km, it's still a great event to watch.


9th - 11th and 16th - 18th, Caochella - California

A festival of music and art that should not be missed. Big names headlining such as Beyoncé, Eminem, Jamiroquai and Petit Biscuit. Camping is a must!



4th - 6th, Austin - Texas 

The best motorcycle riders on the planet will compete for 3rd place in the MotoGP World Championship. An impressive show not to be missed if you are in the region.


 1st - 8th, Holland - Michigan

Best place to celebrate Dutch traditions and participate in an event that brings a whole community together with lots of flowers.


15th - 19th, Baltimore - Maryland

Want to get all dressed up during your road trip and attend one of the biggest equestrian races in the US? It's here!




May 28th – June 13th, Charleston – Caroline du Sud

17 days of shows in magical and unique places (churches, theaters, outdoor spaces, ...). The Spoleto festival has been internationally recognised since its 41st edition. If you are interested in the arts and theatre this one is for you!

June 27th - July 1st and July 3rd-8th , Milwaukee - Wisconsin

One of the biggest music festivals in the US with 11 days of music, 11 different stages and more than 1000 concerts!



11th - 15th, Chicago – Illinois

Probably the biggest outdoor food festival. The cuisine presented is so varied that it will not disappoint anyone. The event for food lovers!!


13th - 15th, Santa Fe – New Mexico

Voted the best US art festival by US Today. Every year the festival welcomes more than 20,000 visitors and artists from around the world.

Date soon Piercy- California

Do you like camping? Swimming? Dancing and singing? This event is for you! Huge concert organised near a river with excellent electro artists. Atmosphere guaranteed !!


4th - 8th, Rockland – Maine

For lobster lovers, a small gastronomic break is required at the Lobster Festival. Yummy!

Date to be announced, San Francisco – California                    

Every August the Golden Gate Park is transformed to celebrate all that is good (music, food, beer, wine, ...)


16th, Boston - Massachusetts

The oldest marathon in the world is a big event for Boston that attracts more than 500,000 spectators, so even if you don't feel like running 42 km, it's still a great event to watch.


6th - 12th, New York

One of the most important and influential fashion weeks in the world. For our most 'in' campers, this event is not to be missed!


Date to be announced, New York 

Probably the most fun and unhealthiest race. The goal? Run 2 miles during which you have to stop to eat three slices of pizza.


7th - 9th, Denver – Colorado

The first beer festival in the US. It's time to discover the best American beers!


6th - 14th, Albuquerque – New Mexico

Travel up and away and discover the magic of the hot air balloon ...


Date to be announced, Columbus - Ohio

Get ready for the most elaborate Halloween Costume Ball you've ever seen! All with music and a great atmosphere!


Date to be announced, Austin – Texas

One of the most intense races of the year!


31st in New York

On 6th Avenue, don't miss this gigantic parade where it is essential to be disguised for Halloween.


25th – New York

The website alone is amazing! Before you get your fill of Thanksgiving food, you have to attend Macy's annual parade. Huge balloons, cheerleaders, dancers and celebrities!



4rd - 7, Miami – Florida

This exhibition brings together, each year, the greatest works of contemporary art.



Follow the tradition and attend a ballet, "The Nutcraker".



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