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We have asked some of our renters to share their experiences in the United States and here are some that you may find useful.

So, what did you take from your trip to America?

 "The US is made for motorhome travel"

"The vehicles are perectly adapted to road-trips"

"Everything is set-up in the campgrounds"

 In the US, everything is big- of course the motrohomes are too!

All infrastructure is the same scale as the country (highway size, parking lots, campsites...)

"It's truly the ideal solution for exploring the USA, all in the comfort of your own little home..." 

In one word: appropriate


Driving can be a little surprising but the RV is easy enough to operate. Take turns driving and especially have someone guide you when parking, even in the parks.

   "Driving is very easy and much less stressful than in France"

Campgrounds: To reserve or not to reserve?

Depending on your way of traveling, your destinations, and your time period... 

The experiences and expectations can vary. If you do not have a reservation in the parks, you must arrive early in the day.


 In general, the National Parks and RV parks are enchanting!


Why? Because they are exceptional natural sites, "very well conceived", "of high quality" and in the middle of "magnificent landscapes"


 "Everything was great, our favorite and most beautiful stop was Arches"


Good to know: Certain parks have entrance restriction for motorhomes


 - Monument Valley and Death Valley are possible either by hiring a local guide, or renting a car from Las Vegas.

- Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park (max 21ft length, 10ft height, and 8ft width)


It's worth noting that a cold spell is possible in early April in Nevada and Utah


Pay attention to your driving distances! Your speed is limited in a motorhome.

"plan for rest days as the driving distances can be tiring"


It doesn't serve well to only make long drives in between stops.

Not to tell you how to travel, but make sure you have time to enjoy!


During the weekends and around Memorial Day= Lots of traffic on the highways

The ideal trip length? It depends on what you have planned and your availability, but 3 weeks allows for plenty of time to enjoy each stop. (and stay 2 to 3 days in each)  

When visiting large cities: It's much easier to leave the RV on the outskirts and use public transportation.


Finally, taking a motorhome in the US is to "be closer to the national parks" - "and natural sites" - with a level of autonomy and freedom!



-More information on Going To The Sun Road : 

-Google Maps, when correctly configured, will still allow you to track your location when outside of a mobile network.

-More info on campgrounds in the USA.


Dont forget, every road-trip is unique. It's all up to you to create your own adventure! Safe travels!



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General Info


The motorhome is an ideal way to travel along the open US roads. You will find your motorhome easy to drive and maneuver, and there are ample stations for refueling and refilling water tanks.


In the national parks, there are many low cost campgrounds that don't require booking in advance. Arrive early in the day for the best availability, travel as you please!


Road trips from the east-coast to west-coast and vice-versa are very popular so be sure to book your motorhome well in advance.


Dine like at home - all our motorhomes are equipped with large fridges!


The new generation motorhomes have improved fuel efficiency, and gas prices are much lower than many other destinations.

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