The Mid Atlantic

Explore the Mid Atlantic by motorhome

This historical region of the USA, nestled between mountains and ocean, makes for an unforgettable motorhome holiday. CampingCar-Online/Rable Campervans suggests a list of places and parks to visit along this Mid Atlantic route.


Baltimore is a big city and the business city of north eastern USA. It is also a historical and cultural city, dating back over two centuries. Its historic centre and port have been renovated consolidating its cultural dynamism.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, formed over tens of thousands of years to create a beautiful natural spectacle, is a popular toursit destination and one of the most visited sites in the USA. They are situated on the Canadian border. There are three falls, the two highest being in the USA: the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls.


Pitsburgh has been at the heart of American industry for over a century. It has changed over the years to become a better-equipped and more vibrant city, greener, and a real crossroads for north eastern USA.


Richmond is close to the federal capital of the USA. Its rich history contributes to the appeal and dynamism of the city. Nearby, you can visit former battlefields of the Civil War.


The renovation of many of the city's historical buildings and monuments has unveiled its rich history of nearly two centuries. Now the city is lives to the the rhythm of young America, making it a fascinating visit.

Independance National Historical Park

Situated in Philadelphia, this site brings together the most important historical events of the USA that aspired to its freedom and independence during the American Revolution. It includes The Liberty Bell, the National Constitution Center and Independence Hal, which is classified as a World Heritage Site. 



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General Info


The motorhome is an ideal way to travel along the open US roads. You will find your motorhome easy to drive and maneuver, and there are ample stations for refueling and refilling water tanks.


In the national parks, there are many low cost campgrounds that don't require booking in advance. Arrive early in the day for the best availability, travel as you please!


Road trips from the east-coast to west-coast and vice-versa are very popular so be sure to book your motorhome well in advance.


Dine like at home - all our motorhomes are equipped with large fridges!


The new generation motorhomes have improved fuel efficiency, and gas prices are much lower than many other destinations.