The North Pacific and the Rocky Mountains

A fascinating northwest road trip in the USA

This part of the USA is full of magnificent scenery. You will not want to miss it. CampingCar-Online/Ramble Campervans suggests a list of essential places to visit in the northwest to better help you plan your itinerary.

Columbia River Canyon

The Columbia River Canyon divides the states of Oregon and Washington. Enjoy the impressive landscape with its hills, waterfalls and towering peaks like Mount Hood, the highest point in Oregon. There are many good hiking trails in the area.

The Pacific Coast

The Oregon coast has developed its tourism around a lovely seaside and beach atmosphere. The costal scenery is made up of large bays, isolated coves and sand dunes. Cannon Beach is an expensive but sophisticated and charming resort.

Hell’s Canyon

It is the deepest canyon in the USA at more than 2000 meters deep. Carved over millions of years by the Snake River, it is a real marvel of nature. It is possible to explore the canyon by rafting.

Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park is a real treasure and classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Itss jungle-like flora is lush and green, and hiking enthusiasts will enjoy the many trails the park offers.

Crater National Park

This park has a volcanic landscape surrounding a crater lake with deep waters that look almost black. Many animals inhabit its pine forests, such as bears, moose and coyotes. At Lava Beds National Monument you can see caves with underground rivers, giant ash cones and hardened lava casts.

Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier is the highest peak in the Cascade range and home to a large variety of mammals and birds. the mountain landscape includes many lakes, waterfalls and magnificent glaciers.

Smith Rock State Park

Ocher cliffs line the Crooked River and the setting is an ideal place for climbing and hiking.

North Cascades National Park

This park contains the remnants of the last ice age. The North Cascades peaks were actually carved by waterfalls and glaciers, and the scenery is some of the finest mountain scenery in the country.

Glacier National Park

This park offers an exceptional alpine landscape to explore on foot. It has many lakes, waterfalls and streams, and abundant fauna and flora which will keep you in contact with the purest nature.

Grand Teton National Park

Brown bears, deer and elk share this spectacular area with many birds, especially present around the mesmerizing blue lakes (swans, pelicans, ducks, geese and eagles). This glacial valley, at the foot of the Tetons mountain range, is crossed by the Snake River.

Yellowstone National Park

This park is the largest in the USA and certainly one of the most surprising and spectacular parks in the world. Situated in the heart of the Rockies, its permanent volcanic activity offers extraordinary natural spectacles such as geysers, hot springs and craters. Over two days in your motorhome you can travel along the Grand Loop Road that takes you to the most interesting and striking sites in the park.

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The motorhome is an ideal way to travel along the open US roads. You will find your motorhome easy to drive and maneuver, and there are ample stations for refueling and refilling water tanks.


In the national parks, there are many low cost campgrounds that don't require booking in advance. Arrive early in the day for the best availability, travel as you please!


Road trips from the east-coast to west-coast and vice-versa are very popular so be sure to book your motorhome well in advance.


Dine like at home - all our motorhomes are equipped with large fridges!


The new generation motorhomes have improved fuel efficiency, and gas prices are much lower than many other destinations.