Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park

Geothermal wonders of the world

Depart from Salt Lake City in your motorhome to get to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. These parks overlap 3 states: Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. Prepare to be amazed by the different landscapes and geothermal phenomena that you are about to discover!

From Salt Lake City you have about 365 miles to do in your motorhome before reaching the number 1 park in the USA, Yellowstone National Park. The roads in the USA are well suited for motorhome travel and offer easy driving conditions. Yellowstone National Park is one of the most famous parks. It takes its name from the colour of its surrounding cliffs. The park is more than 9000 square km of canyons, meadows, forest, waterfalls and thermal geysers, with a rich wildlife including bison, elk and bears. The park is known for its geothermal features - don't miss 'Old Faithful Geyser' with its boiling water jet of up to 50 meters high. Also stop by Mammoth Hot Springs and its beautiful surrounding scenery.

There are 5 different entrances to the park because it is divided into 5 different areas: Geyser CountryLake Country, Canyon CountryRoosevelt Country and Mammoth Country. You can certainly camp in your motorhome within the park and travel through it as long as you are cautious when driving and respect the speed limits.

You can also visit Grand Teton National Park, south of Yellowstone, and explore a glacial valley and the famous Rocky Mountains. The wildlife is abundant in the park and inlcudes moose, elk and grizzly bears.

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Salt Lake City

General Info


The motorhome is an ideal way to travel along the open US roads. You will find your motorhome easy to drive and maneuver, and there are ample stations for refueling and refilling water tanks.


In the national parks, there are many low cost campgrounds that don't require booking in advance. Arrive early in the day for the best availability, travel as you please!


Road trips from the east-coast to west-coast and vice-versa are very popular so be sure to book your motorhome well in advance.


Dine like at home - all our motorhomes are equipped with large fridges!


The new generation motorhomes have improved fuel efficiency, and gas prices are much lower than many other destinations.